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« Welcome to Africa! These words Brendon - our tour manager - said, when we arrived in Durban on day 7 of our South Africa Experience. Leaving the Cape Provinces with their mainly white population behind, we now found out what a real african city is like; with 99 percent of its population being black people, its pulsating, strange smelling Indian markets and a completely different culture. The next morning we left Durban, heading for Mtunzini located at the Northern Kwazulu Natal Coast. On our way we stopped at a traditional Zulu Kraal, where we experienced authentic Zulu lifestyle, including cooking and dancing. We arrived at our final destination in the early afternoon, so there was still enough time for a short 2 km "bush-walk" to the beach, before we had dinner together. Fortunately day 9 was free and I could relax from playing drinking-games the night before. »
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« An old Zulu lady showing traditional Zulu lifestyle »
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« At a traditional Zulu Kraal we experienced authentic Zulu lifestyle, including cooking and dancing. »
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« Mahan from Syria competing for the dance championship ...
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... against a real Zulu warrior! »
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« At the Indian Ocean! »
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« Life is a beach! »
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« Northern Kwazulu Natal Coast, near Mtunzini: brave Contiki travellers facing the breakers of the Indian Ocean! »
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