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Contiki-style rugby, freestyle ostrich riding and the thrill of bungy jumping
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« Our tour manager being a former professional rugby player and the Australians in the group being Aussie Rules fanatic, almost every bus stop was used to play contiki-style rugby. And of course we made a bet on the winner of the Aussie Rules finals which took place during the tour. Directly after the finals were over one of the Australians called home and asked for the results. Winner of the bet was ... none of the Australians, but Corina from the Netherlands! »
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« Anas from Syria competing for the contiki freestyle ostrich riding championship »
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« Travelling from Plettenburg Bay to Port Elisabeth we crossed this bridge, that meanwhile has become the highest landbased commercial bungy site in the world with a height of over to 200 m! »
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« 3, 2, 1, BUNGY! - Darkie from Australia exploring the thrill of bungy jumping ...
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... at the Gourite River bridge »
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