From Oudtshoorn to the Garden Route
Ostriches, caves and the Indian Ocean
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ZA97-26 (44.8 KB)
« Weaver birds' nests in a tree near the Gourite River bridge »
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ZA97-27 (23.6 KB)
« Ostrich at Highgate Ostrich Farm, Oudtshoorn »
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« After having had breakfast at Highgate Ostrich Farm ...
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ZA97-30 (32.1 KB)
... we were ready to explore the caverns of the Cango Caves! »
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ZA97-32 (18.0 KB)
« The 5th day we explored the beautiful beach of Plettenburg Bay at the Indian Ocean. After a day at leisure and two long party nights, on day 6 we headed on to ...
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ZA97-35 (23.1 KB)
... Port Elisabeth, which is a typical industrial town with a large harbour and which was our gateway to the "real" africa. Apart from that there was not very much to do or to see in Port Elisabeth; with one exception: ...
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ZA97-36 (26.7 KB)
... a good opportunity for ...
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ZA97-34 (27.7 KB)
... a group photo! »
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