Wildlife Viewing: Lion
On safari in Kruger National Park and Motswari Game Reserve
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ZA97-78 (28.4 KB)
« Motswari Game Reserve: The lion sleeps tonight ... »
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ZA97-77 (31.8 KB)
« Don't wake them up! »
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ZA97-81 (15.1 KB)
« These lions at Motswari Game Reserve made their kill only a minute before we arrived at the scene. ...
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ZA97-82 (24.4 KB)
... While watching the gruesomely beautiful spectacle with breathless excitement ...
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ZA97-83 (23.8 KB)
... we could smell the death in the air. »
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ZA97-89 (24.1 KB)
« Lioness looking for other members of the pride at Motswari Game Reserve »
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ZA97-87 (18.7 KB)
« Close-up of a lioness at Motswari Game Reserve »
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ZA97-88 (22.9 KB)
« Get out of my way! »
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ZA97-90 (29.4 KB)
« I'm walking ... »
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