The Cape Region's
Maritime Wildlife
Penguins and free whale watching from the coast
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« Yes, we are still in South Africa! These penguins are part of a penguin colony in Simon's Town. »
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« Hello little friend! »
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« Beach life! »
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« On our way along the coast from the Cape of Good Hope back to Cape Town we spotted a few people who had stopped their cars at the roadside and were watching something out there in the Atlantic Ocean. We also stopped and jumped out of the bus. Now we could see it ourselves: about 150 m away from the shore there was a Southern Right Whale swimming slowly along the coast. ...
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... Even on a whale watching tour you won't get closer to these wonderful animals, because to prevent the whales from being disturbed South African law does only allow approaching them to a distance as far as 250 m. »
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« See you later, folks! »
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