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On safari in Kruger National Park and Motswari Game Reserve
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« Be honest, can you imagine going to Africa without going on a safari? - You cannot? - So can't I!
And here we are on day 11, ready for going on safari as we are just about to enter the Kruger National Park through Malelane Gate, which is one out of eight entrances.
The main goal of every safari in Kruger National Park and Motswari Game Reserve is spotting the "Big Five": buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino. Because neither the Kruger National Park nor Motswari Game Reserve are a zoo, unfortunately nobody can give you a guarantee on sightings of any of the "Big Five", although at least sightings of elephants, buffalo and lions are very likely. The main problem is finding rhino and leopard.
The entire trip had been fantastic so far, but the absolute highlight was still to come: we did not only see all of the "Big Five", but also wild dogs, South Africa's most endangered species. By the way, did you know that Kruger National Park is known as "Giraffic Park"? There are so many giraffes, you can hardly miss them. ...
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... A few words on the difference between Kruger National Park and Motswari Game Reserve: the Kruger Park is state-run and only opened during the daytime. You are not allowed to leave your vehicle and you have to stay on the roads, whereas Motswari Game Reserve is private property which allows off-road game drives in open vehicles at day and night. There are a few more private game reserves like Motswari all bordering on the Kruger National Park. On the outer borders the Kruger Park and the private game reserves are fenced round, but not on the inner ones, so the animals can move freely within the entire area. Furthermore all the camps in Kruger Park have a fencing, whereas Motswari Lodge is not fenced round. So from dusk until dawn you strictly have to be accompanied by a ranger if you need to move outside the booma or outside your hut. »
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« Motswari Lodge offered first class accomodation and superb game drives! Between the game drives there always was plenty of time for a refreshing jump into the pool! »
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